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Do It For Me (DIFM) Terms & Conditions

Dog Market Nigeria (DMN) Do It For Me – Terms of Service

The terms and conditions below (the “Terms of Service”) are applicable to DMN users making use of the DMN Do It For Me Service for the sale of their items through DMN Champs (the “Service”). A “Seller” under these Terms of Service shall be anyone who intends to sell an item through the Service. If you do not agree with these terms then you should refrain from using the Service. We encourage you to read and understand the Terms of Service prior to making payment of the subscription fee as these Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and us. The Terms of Service shall, together with the DMN Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, govern the use of the Service.

  1. By signing up for the Do It For Me Service, seller agree to pay the non-refundable subscription fee online to the DMN Champ as stated here.
  2. Seller acknowledges that he/she has paid the compulsory commitment fee online for the DMN “Do It For Me” Service to DMN.
  3. Seller represents and warrants that the said item(s) for sale through the Service is/are not a stolen property and that these item(s) have never been involved in any suspicious deal whatsoever and that you shall admit all liabilities if this declaration is suspected or proved contrary to the above.
  4. Seller acknowledges that he / she has given DMN authority to sell his/ her item(s); set the final selling price and collect money on their behalf.
  5. Seller agrees that the Service will involve the Buyer paying the final sales amount of item(s) directly into DMN’s bank account.
  6. Seller agrees that DMN will be entitled to deduct a commission (As per commission schedule here) from the final sales amount that was received from buyer, prior to transferring the sales proceeds into the Seller’s account. Do note that the after-sales commission differs from the upfront commitment fee.
  7. DMN will transfer the sales amount into the Seller’s bank account within two working days after Buyer confirms receipt of the item purchased, and a remittance advice is issued to the seller.
  8. DMN uses its best endeavors to ensure that selling and buying through its platform is safe. The services of the DMN Champ will help increase this safety. Seller acknowledges and agrees however that DMN is not responsible for any transaction through its platform and/or through the Service and Seller shall have no claim whatsoever, including claims for damages of any kind, against DMN as a result of the Service.